The Load Project

LoaD stands for: Healthy Loading to combat osteoarthritis: Leveraging molecular variations in load bearing capacity for individualized movement aDvice.

The LoaD project – led by Prof. Gerjo van Osch (Erasmus MC) – is investigating what constitutes healthy exercise for individual patients wit h knee osteoarthritis and how patients can be encouraged to engage in healthy exercise. LoaD is a consortium made up of researchers from the various medical centres, technical universities, universities of applied sciences and corporate partners.

The central question is: “What is ‘a healthy load’ for people with osteoarthritis?”. Patients are encouraged to keep moving, but there is currently no way to determine the optimal joint load for individual patients. Based on the knowledge being acquired through LoaD, personalised support strategies will be developed for use in daily life.

Basing on the research outcomes the personalised eHealth application will be developed to monitor individuals in daily life and to deliver individualised, tuned just-in-time feedback and coaching for the patients with osteoarthritis.

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